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It’s Life’s Details That Matter Most-The Littlest Things

If you’ve ever wondered why we sometimes get bogged down in the details, it’s because that’s exactly where we need to be! Ruth spins a tale of life’s twists and turns and how to turn the littlest thing into the things that matter most. If you’ve ever wondered why details mean so much and yet they are so maddening at times, this is The Speech you need to hear.


(Audience: Working Professionals, Retirees, Sandwich Generation)


Make Your Bed and Clean Up the Kitchen!

Organizational experts tell us that habits or routines make us more productive and organized. Ruth talks about how she learned basic routines early in life and how those very habits carry her into a productive work and home life.


(Audience: Parent groups, business conferences, educators)


Your Coolness Factor

How important is it to be cool? For your kids (you’ll probably never be cool enough!) However, if you wonder about being cool for your business/profession, then this is the speech topic for you. Ruth gives you an upbeat and at times funny take on ways to up your coolness factor.


(Audience: Business conferences, entrepreneurs, MLM’s)


Persistence Not Perfection

Too often, the perfection syndrome drags our work and home life into a list of never-ending re-dos. We are never satisfied. Ruth brings you some light at the end of the perfection tunnel by bringing a more practical approach to getting things done and being happy about it too!


(Audience: Mom groups, employers, entrepreneurs)


You Just Never Know (The What If Story)

Have you ever wondered why certain people cross paths? A random or chance meeting can make all the difference in our lives. But what if you turn down that opportunity? Ruth’s tale of a chance encounter that made all the difference for her is just the thing you want to know about so that you can see the opportunities that lay ahead.


(Audience: Entrepreneurs, business conferences, business owners)


Be The Change

Change is hard! There’s no getting around it! And some of us just can’t get past the steps in making a change. But what if you could see the results of change? Would that make a difference in your attitude? The Be The Change workshop/webinar attacks change in a futuristic approach. Learn to be a change agent and watch your world get rocked!


(Audience: Business conferences, business owners, multi-generational families)


Learning to Lead From All Directions

Are you stuck in the way you approach leadership of your team, your supervisors, and your company? This workshop can put you on the right path of learning to lead from all directions. Come and learn quick and valuable ways to be the leader you want to be.


(Audience: New entrepreneurs leading small teams, business conferences, supervisors looking to promote)


Communication Tactics for Today

Ever wonder what we did before e-mail, voicemail, texts, and video chats? It seems that today we have so many ways to communicate that we sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. This workshop/webinar focuses on tricks and hacks to make your communications more effective for you and those around you.


(Audience: Business conferences, in house business, third party communications)


Self-Confidence-Making or Breaking It

How important is self-confidence in business? Pretty darned important! And yet, too often we let business deals slip away because we can’t portray the level of confidence that is required. What is the secret of being confident? Why do some have it and others don’t? This workshop helps to sort out those questions and gives participants some easy ways to learn to be more confident.


(Audience: Young professionals, college grads just starting out, women’s groups)


The Social Aspect of the Workforce Today

Getting promoted, making more money are things most workers claim to want. Yet how often do careless behaviors affect our promotability? This workshop/webinar discusses the finer points of sociability in professional settings.


(Audience: Young professionals, recent college grads, college students)

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Ruth Medlin is the quintessential speaker and trainer whose passion is helping others see their true potential so that they can soar in business and in life. Ruth’s training style is approachable and thoughtful. She is insightful and compassionate by helping her participants stretch and grow into new levels of self-awareness and business expertise. Additionally, her country living humor and storytelling make her workshops fun. “I enjoy seeing others take on new challenges and learn to create a business life that they love.” A California native, Ruth moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2017 to create a new life for herself in the Midwest. “Embracing change is all about acceptance” is one of Ruth’s cornerstones in training and mentoring others. An entrepreneur since 2012, Ruth has carved out the life she wanted through thoughtful planning and bravery. A world traveler who visits countries to experience other cultures and of course, to enjoy the cuisine Ruth devotes her time now to speaking, training and mentoring others through workshops and webinars.



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