Am I Talking Too Much?

I’m worried. I’m worried that I am talking too much these days. You see, I’ve been at home, just me and my computer and my two cats for nearly three months now due to the coronavirus. And I’ve just started to venture out into public again. Oh, it feels so good. Being out and about with people, even with my mask on, just makes me feel like my world is opening again. But that’s where I am getting into a bit of trouble. It seems like once I start talking, I can’t to stop! Like last Wednesday when I was at my first hair appointment in four months, I found myself telling my hairdresser about a long-lost cousin that no one knew existed and how that my favorite uncle may be this cousin’s dad! What am I doing for goodness sakes?! Or I start talking about what my lovely mother used to do in situations! All her wit and witticisms come out of my mouth. I mean who really cares!

I just keep babbling on and on like a never-ending magpie who doesn’t really say a lot but keeps on talking no matter what!

I will admit that before all this sheltering in place business that I was a talker. But since Covid19, I have become virtually unstoppable. People are polite. My hairdresser listened with empathy about my uncle and commented that sometimes genetic testing can be in error. That was nice of her, certainly, but it did little to stop me! I just kept repeating and repeating “I can’t believe my uncle would father a baby and then put it up for adoption!”

I’ve got to start practicing better listening skills. I used to teach an active listening skills workshop and I would remind my students that you learn more by listening than talking! If you listen 2/3 of the time and engage in conversation for 1/3 of the time you will be considered an active listener. It’s all coming back to me now. Perhaps if I engage others by asking thoughtful questions of them and then zipping my lip, I can stop this infuriating babbling!

Fair-warning though, if you see me out and about, please do me a favor. Do not ask me how I’ve been because until I can get this whole talking situation under control you just might have to listen to my latest non-interesting and never-ending story!

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